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Operational Plan 2018-19 and Delivery Program 2018-22 Endorsed by Council

Warrumbungle Shire Council’s Operational Plan for 2018/19 and Delivery Program for 2018-22 were endorsed by Council at their June Council Meeting.

Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Peter Shinton said, “the Operational Plan provides the community with an overview of the projects, programs and activities that Council will deliver in the next financial year while the Delivery Program sets out Council’s plans for the next four (4) years”.

“The Operational Plan and Delivery Program was developed by Council and endorsed by Councillors to be placed on public exhibition at the May Council Meeting. Members of the community were given the opportunity to comment on the draft plans with submissions considered by Council at the June Council Meeting”, said Clr Shinton.

As well as plans for the next 12 months, the Operational Plan also included the budget for the 2018/19 financial year, along with proposed fees and charges.

Clr Shinton said, “the Operational Plan for 2018/19 has a strong focus on maintaining and renewing Council’s large infrastructure base. Projects in the plan include:

  • Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade in Coolah, and upgrade works in Coonabarabran and Dunedoo
  • funding for works on a sewer line to Camp Cypress in Baradine
  • resealing works on Local Roads worth around $700,000
  • Local Road rehabilitation works totalling more than $1,600,00
  • completion of reseals, pavement re-construction, pavement widening and shoulder widening on Regional Roads worth more than $1.6 million
  • construction and rehabilitation of water reservoirs, treatment plants and water towers
  • refurbishment works at Mendooran Hall, Coonabarabran Sport and Recreation Centre and Binnaway Hall
  • construction and rehabilitation of footpaths within towns across the Shire
  • rehabilitation of existing kerb and guttering within towns across the Shire
  • construction and rehabilitation of flood and drainage assets
  • renewals and improvements to local ovals, parks and swimming pools, including works at Milling Park, Dunedoo, and Len Guy Park, Binnaway
  • funding for a public toilet at Coonabarabran’s Native Grove cemetery
  • contribution to around $2 million worth of NSW Rural Fire Service equipment”.

Clr Shinton said, “to fund these works, as well as ongoing services and activities, Council has had to put in place a number of increases in fees and charges for 2018/19”.

“While the majority of these increases are in line with previous years increases, and the consumer price index (CPI), a number of larger increases have been put in place” said Clr Shinton.

“These increases have been put in place in order to continue to provide services to all the communities across the Shire, whilst also maintaining and renewing Councils’ large infrastructure base”, said Clr Shinton.

Clr Shinton said, “while Council acknowledges these increases are higher than other increases, these changes have been put in place as a result of:

  • increasing electricity and fuel costs;
  • increasing costs of maintaining and upgrading infrastructure;
  • ageing infrastructure and a backlog in renewals;
  • maintenance of, and increase in, service levels across the Shire; and
  • costs increasing more than revenue for a number of years”.

Clr Shinton also said, “we are also required to achieve ongoing full cost recovery for our water supply and sewerage services. Full cost recovery involves raising sufficient revenue to cover maintenance and administration costs as well as the cost of water supply infrastructure. This requirement has resulted in the fees and charges that have been put in place”.

In terms of what a 15% increase in these fees and charges will cost:

  • A 15% rise in the water access charge will result in an increase from $399.00 per annum to $459.00 per annum, an increase of $60.00 per annum or around $1.15 per week.
  • For Mendooran, the 15% rise will apply to the base water access charge only, not the loan charge for the Water Treatment Plant. This means that the total water access charge for Mendooran will increase from $694.00 per annum to $754.00 per annum, an overall increase of around 8.6%.
  • A 15% rise in the water consumption charge will result in an increase from $2.05 per kilolitre to $2.36 per kilolitre. Based on an average consumption of 157kL per annum, this will mean that annual water consumption charges will increase from $321.85 per annum to $370.52 per annum, an increase of $48.67 per annum or around $0.94 per week.
  • A 15% rise in sewerage charges for residential properties will result in an increase from $505.00 per annum to $580.00 per annum for a connected residential property and from $324.00 to $372.00 for a non-connected residential property, an increase of $75.00 per annum or around $1.44 per week for a connected residential property, and $48.00 per annum or around $0.92 per week for a non-connected residential property.

Clr Shinton said, “I’d like to thank those people who took the time to make submissions on the Operational Plan and Delivery Program. Councillors and the Council are always keen to hear what the rate payers are thinking and to hear about their ideas on what is being presented. I’d encourage members of the community to continue your conversations with Councillors and Council staff throughout the year so that we can all be up to date with what is most important to our local communities”.

Last Updated: 04 Jul 2018