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Kerbside recycling rolled out across Warrumbungle Shire

New 240L recycling bins are replacing the 60L blue recycling crates in all towns across Warrumbungle Shire.

Over the last few months residents across the Shire have been receiving new and larger recycling bins with yellow lids. Every resident who receives a waste pick up should have now received a recycling bin with a yellow lid.

Warrumbungle Shire Council’s Manager Regulatory Services, Robert Jehu, said, “the roll out of these new recycling bins will increased the amount of recycling being collected throughout the Shire. This is exciting news for Warrumbungle Waste as with increased recycling the amount of waste going into landfill decreases.”

“With the extra space in the bins it is hoped that people think about what they are putting in their bins and recycle more. The yellow lidded bins are also on wheels which makes it much easier for residents to put their recycling on the kerbside for collection”, said Mr Jehu.

As well benefits for residents, “the replacement of the 60L blue recycling crate with the new yellow lidded recycling bin also alleviates the risk posed to workers in collecting the crates and sorting recycling on the roadside”, said Mr Jehu.

Mr Jehu says, “a materials recovery facility (MRF) has been installed at the Coonabarabran Waste Transfer Station to assist with the separation and preparation of recyclables for sale. This means that residents can comingle their recycling waste in their new yellow lidded recycling bins and it will be sorted once it reaches the Waste Transfer Station”.

The new yellow lidded recycling bins will now be collected on a fortnightly basis. Bins are to be placed out at the kerbside the night before. Mr Jehu said, “collection may not be until after lunch on some occasions. Residents are asked to leave their bins out until collected”.

Click here for more information on waste services in Warrumbungle Shire, including when you recycling will be collected and what can be placed in the new recycling bins or drop in to the Council Offices in Coolah or Coonabarabran.

 Yellow Bin


Last Updated: 04 May 2018