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Have Your Say - Council’s Draft Budget and Fees & Charges


Warrumbungle Shire Council has placed its Draft Operational Plan for 2018-19 and Delivery Program for 2018-22 on public exhibition and is seeking submissions from the community.

The Draft Operational Plan and Delivery Program provides the community with an overview of the projects, programs and activities that council will deliver in the next financial year as well as including the proposed budget along with proposed fees and charges.

Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Peter Shinton said, “To fund planned capital works, as well as ongoing services and activities Council has proposed a number of increases in fees and charges in 2018/19. While the majority of increases are in line with previous years increases, and the consumer price index (CPI), a number of larger increases have been proposed”.

“These increases have been proposed in order to continue to provide services to all the communities across the Shire, whilst also maintaining and renewing Councils’ large infrastructure base”, said Clr Shinton.

In 2018/19, Council has proposed that water access charges, water usage charges and sewerage charges increase by 15%.

Clr Shinton said, “while Council acknowledges these increases are higher than other increases, this change has been proposed as a result of:
• increasing electricity and fuel costs;
• increasing costs of maintaining and upgrading infrastructure;
• ageing infrastructure and a backlog in renewals;
• maintenance of, and increase in, service levels across the Shire; and
• costs increasing more than revenue for a number of years”.

Clr Shinton also said, “we are required to achieve ongoing full cost recovery for our water supply and sewerage services. Full cost recovery involves raising sufficient revenue to cover maintenance and administration costs as well as the cost of water supply infrastructure. This requirement has resulted in the fees and charges that are proposed”.

Last Updated: 30 May 2018