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Feasibility Study on the raising of the wall of Timor Dam

Raising the wall of the Timor Dam has been an aspiration of the Warrumbungle Shire Council for some time and will be an important item on the Council agenda at this weeks Council meeting.‚Äč

“The raising of the dam wall is a very complex one and one which will not be solved overnight” said Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Peter Shinton, “but this week the Council will be considering a report at its monthly meeting on the feasibility of the project”.

“The need to secure the water supply is seen as an important undertaking for the future of Coonabarabran. As such, Council made application for funding under the NSW State Government’s Water Security for Regions Program and we were fortunate enough to be successful with our application for funding for a feasibility study into the raising of the wall at Timor Dam”, said Clr Shinton.

“Following the funding announcement Council engaged Public Works Advisory, formerly known as the NSW Department of Public Works, to investigate the feasibility of raising the dam wall. The feasibility study has now been provided to Council and it reveals that it is feasible to raise the dam wall by three metres”, said Clr Shinton.

“The proposal now before Council is to provide a three metre deep additional concrete arch on top of the current structure with the new arch being structurally independent from the existing structure” said Clr Shinton.

“The feasibility report revealed that by raising the dam wall by three metres the storage of the dam would be increased from its current capacity of 1,140ML to approximately 1,804ML, an increase of almost 60%. This work will not come cheaply with works estimated at approximately $8 million”, said Clr Shinton.

“Last week while the Minister for Regional Water, Niall Blair, was in Coonabarabran I took the opportunity to thank him for the funding provided to Council by the NSW State Government for the emergency water supply works as well as for a number of other projects, including funding for the feasibility study for the raising of the dam wall”, said Clr Shinton.

“I also took the opportunity to advise the Minister that Council will likely be seeking additional funding to the raising of the dam wall”, Clr Shinton said.

“While further works have to be undertaken, and other things still need to be considered, this is a step in the right direction”, concluded Clr Shinton.

 Timor Dam Image 16 July

Last Updated: 16 Jul 2018