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Council welcomes further financial assistance for emergency water supply

The NSW State government has generously provided Warrumbungle Shire Council with further financial assistance of up to 100% of $742,500 to enable the continued construction and commissioning of a bore supply system capable of supplying a sustainable emergency potable water supply for Coonabarabran. 

Warrumbungle Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Peter Shinton said, “we are thankful for the ongoing support being provided by the NSW Government, in particular the assistance and support from the Minister for Regional Water, Niall Blair, and Member for Barwon, Kevin Humphries.” 

“The NSW Government has already provided funding of $975,000 to assist with works related to the construction of the emergency water supply for Coonabarabran. This further funding means that Council will be able connect four (4) more bores to ensure greater security of the water supply for Coonabarabran both now and into the future”, said Clr Shinton. 

“This latest funding provided by the NSW Government also means that Council can continue to fast-track these works so that a sustainable supply of emergency water can be secured sooner rather than later for the residents of Coonabarabran”, said Clr Shinton. 

Clr Shinton continued by saying, “Council has already received funding for part of the works to help secure an emergency water supply for Coonabarabran. These works have included installation of a pump out system for the dead water storage, drilling of a number of bores to access additional groundwater and the planning of water carting infrastructure”. 

“Council has been working hard on these projects for a number of months and this further funding will ensure that not only will these works be completed in a timely manner but the works to turn the next four (4) bores in to fully operational production bores will be able to commence. It is hoped that once these bores come online that Council will be in a position to meet ongoing demand, even if the much longed for rainfall doesn’t come”, said Clr Shinton. 

“This recent funding provided by the NSW Government will enable the completion of planned works which will provide greater security of supply in the longer term”, said Clr Shinton. 

“This is incredibly important as we are aware of the ongoing dry conditions and the affect this is having on the town”, said Clr Shinton. 

Coonabarabran has been on Level 6 water restrictions since early March 2018 and Timor Dam is now at 22.7% of dam capacity. 

This year, Coonabarabran has only had a total of 125.7mm of rainfall. In June 2018, Coonabarabran has only recorded 3.9mm of rainfall. 

“This lack of rainfall, along with ongoing dry conditions, is making the challenge of securing Coonabarabran’s water supply even more challenging”, said Clr Shinton. 

“Throughout this critical time the Coonabarabran community has been extremely resilient and I’m sure that the establishment of this alternative water supply will provide positive outcomes for the community both now and for many years to come”, concluded Clr Shinton.

Last Updated: 26 Jun 2018