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Council Companion Animal Door-to-Door Audits

Council’s Compliance Officers are currently undertaking door-to-door audits of households across the Shire.  These audits are being undertaken to check pet registrations and microchip status of companion animals (dogs and cats).  The audits will continue over a number of months.  

Council enforces the Companion Animals Act 1998 and the Companion Animals Regulation 2008 which provides for the identification and registration of dogs and cats.  

Over the past months Council has been made aware of numerous dog attacks on livestock, including a large number of sheep recently killed outside of Coonabarabran.  Investigations note that a number of these attacks were made by unregistered dogs that can’t be identified.  

The door-to-door audits will assist Council to regulate compliance with the Companion Animal legislation, whereby if a dog attacks it can be identified and traced back to its owners under the Companion Animal Register.  

If Council’s Compliance Officers identify a dog or cat that hasn’t been microchipped or registered the owner will be issued with a notice to comply within 14 days.  If the owners don’t comply then a fine will be issued.  Council’s Compliance Officers have the right to enter a property to scan an animal if they believe an offence is occurring by the animal not being microchipped.  

Responsible pet owners are encouraged to ensure their pets are microchipped and registered and are responsible for their pet’s behaviour.  By having your animal microchipped it ensures that if your animal becomes lost then it can by identified and re-united with you.  You must also notify Council if your details have changed or your pet has died and complete a Change of Details Form so our records can be up-to-date within the Companion Animals Register.  

In NSW all companion animals (other than exempt animals) must be microchipped by twelve weeks of age; or before they are sold or given away.  They must also be registered by six months of age.  Registrations fees are set by State Government and are a once only (lifetime) fee; a discount applies for desexed animals.  

Council’s Compliance Officers are able to microchip your animal at a cost of $36, or alternatively you may use your local vet.  

You are now also able to register your dog online at the NSW Pet Registry after it has been microchipped and placed in the system by the Council.  Please visit www.petregistry.nsw.gov.au for more information.  

For more information or to book Council’s Compliance Officers to microchip your dog, contact Regulatory Services at the Council’s Administration Office on 6849 2000.

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Last Updated: 05 May 2017