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Coonabarabran Emergency Water Supply Project Update

The level of Timor Dam has continued to fall over the last month, although the rate of depletion has slowed. As of Friday, 15 June 2018, Timor Dam was 22.8% of capacity. On Friday, 11 May 2018 Timor Dam was 23.8% of capacity.

The principal reason for the slowing of the depletion rate is that Council has been sourcing water from the four (4) existing bores and the Castlereagh River at the Namoi Street weir, which at this stage, is still flowing. Another reason for the slowing depletion rate is that evaporation is lower at this time of year.

As previously advised, it is expected that the outflow from Timor Dam will cease to operate under gravity when the level reaches 20% of capacity.

Warrumbungle Shire Council is currently working to ensure that the emergency water supply project and associated works are completed in a timely manner in order to meet ongoing demand.

To date, the NSW Government has provided a number of grants to help to provide water security for Coonabarabran. These grants have included:

  • 75% of $200,000 for test drilling of bores
  • 75% of $400,000 for pumping the dead water storage from Timor Dam and for water carting infrastructure
  • 75% of $700,000 for works associated with expanding the number of test bores to seven (7) and fitout of at least two (2) bores as production bores

Council’s contribution to these works is $325,000.

All seven (7) test bores in the identified locations for the supply of underground water have now been successfully drilled.

Six (6) of the bores have been cased and had three (3) day pump tests completed. Problems were encountered when attempting to case the seventh bore making it not feasible to progress it.

The test results for the six (6) test bores are generally pleasing with the following depths and production rates:

  • Water Treatment Plant – cased to 123 metres producing, 4 litres per second
  • Nandi Park – cased to 46 metres, producing 5 litres per second
  • Bart Bok Bridge – cased to 136 metres, producing 6 litres per second
  • Nandi Creek – cased to 143 metres, producing 5 litres per second
  • Namoi Street – cased to 63 metres, producing 0.8 litres per second
  • Homeleigh Drive – cased to 150 metres, awaiting final report

All water samples that have been sent for analysis indicate the water from all the test bores that have been tested are suitable for treatment and to be used in the town water supply.

In relation to the test bores, applications for licenses for the seven (7) emergency test bores have been submitted to the NSW Department of Industry Office of Water. Council has received advice that licences for two (2) of these test bores have been approved. However there is a waiting period of 28 days before the bores can be used to allow for any objections to the grant of the licences.

Council is hopeful it will receive licenses for the other five (5) test bores in the coming weeks. Following approval, there will then be a period of 28 days before these bores can be used.

Following final testing and approval, the next step is to equip the test bores. It is planned that, in the first instance, Council will equip three (3) of the test bores. The test bores that have been selected to be equipped are based on a variety of factors including access to electricity, flow rate and cost to equip.

The equipping of the test bores to become production bores is progressing. This involves providing power supply to each bore site. All sites, with the exception of the bores at the Water Treatment Plant and in Namoi Street require new connections to the power grid.

Pumping equipment has been purchased for three (3) of the sites ready for connection later this month. Its is planned that the bore at the Water Treatment Plant will be the first production bore to be completed, sitting at a ready to operate status by the end of the month.

Council will continue to provide regular updates as work on the emergency water supply project continues.

For more information, contact Russell Lloyd, Acting Director Technical Services, on (02) 6849 2000.

Timor Dam Photos - 19-06-2018

Last Updated: 21 Jun 2018