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Parent Information

In Family Day Care, the hours of care are flexible and can be matched to your family's needs. In Family Day Care your child will learn through play and exploration in the company of a small group of children.

What should I do before care starts?

    1. Contact the Co-ordination unit to arrange an enrolment.
    2. Contact the Family Assistance Office (FAO) if you wish to apply for CCB.
    3. Following referral to suitable Educators, Parents should meet with and decide on the Educator of their choice.
    4. Children should visit their selected Educator in their home. This provides you and your children with the opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with the Educator and the new environment.

Points to Consider Before Selecting Your Educator:

    • Does the home environment 'feel right'?
    • Is the atmosphere warm and friendly?
    • Are the children happily involved in activities?
    • Availability of flexible care arrangements and times?
    • Ability to cater for any special needs your children may have?
    • Location
    • Cost

Waiting Lists

In some circumstances, care arrangements cannot always be met, and Families are given the opportunity to be placed on a waiting list and notified when a vacancy becomes available.

Home Visits

Home visits to Educators homes by FDC Staff are an essential requirement of FDC, and are usually un-announced or planned monthly. Qualified FDC Staff visit Educators to resource and support them in their role as childcare Educators.

During these visits, Staff monitor children's developmental progress. Support and guidance is offered to the Educators with planning and developing learning programs for children that stimulating and age appropriate. Staff also ensures hygeine and safety standards are being met whilst children are in care. 

All home visits are documented and signed by the Educator and the Staff member.


Download our 2015 Enrolment Form  


Last Updated: 18 Oct 2016